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The Public Health Manager’s primary responsibility is to coordinate the Cow Creek Tribes public health modernization program via the design planning of the essential functions of the public health program, including implementation and evaluation of the ongoing public health components of the public health program. This position will work with the governmental and health administration along with other Tribal PH Managers while receiving technical assistance from the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board Tribal Epidemiology Center (NPAIHB TEC).

This position reports and works closely with the Cow Creek Health & Wellness Center Chief Health Officer.  Additional oversight and guidance will be provided by the Director of the NPAIHB TEC.  Duties include, but are not limited to: providing training to staff, conducting surveys to enhance planning public health strengthening activities and the development of strategic plans for implementation planning.  Activities must be accomplished with minimal day to day supervision.


·         Participation in a Community of Practice for Public Health Modernization with didactic

content and a discussion format using ECHO technology and methods.

·         Survey Cow Creek Government programs using the Public Health Capacity which the State of Oregon will provide.

·         Work with NPAIHB TEC to complete reports of assets and needs for the public health modernization for the Cow Creek Tribe.

·         Analyze surveys and validate data and responders.

·         Prepare and present a final report with directors.

·         Monthly reports of progress.

·         Develop a Community Health Improvement Plan.

·         Implement the CHIP based upon top priorities year to year.

·         Participate in State and Tribal Partner Committees related to Public Health Modernization

as requested.

·             Coordinate Health Emergency Preparedness efforts within the TPEP Assessment.

·             Perform Administrative duties including the supervision of staff.


·         Bachelor’s level degree in Public Health, Healthcare Management or closely aligned field required.

·         Minimum two years Public Health experience, five years preferred.

·         One to two years of experience in project management with proven project leadership and success.

·         One to two years of experience working with tribal communities or tribal organizations.

·          Advanced user in Microsoft Office Package ( Access, Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint)

·         Excellent written skills.

·         Excellent communication skills.

·         Must be highly organized and motivated, and be able to manage complex projects and carry out all responsibilities of the job requirements with minimal day to day supervision.

·         Must demonstrate discretion, tact, knowledge, judgement, and overall ability in working effectively with federal, tribal and other professionals and facilitating participation and partnership in activities of the program.

·         Must be sensitive to cross-cultural differences, and able to work effectively within their context.

·         Must be able to travel, as requested.

·         Must have a Current Valid Oregon Driver’s License.

About Cow Creek Government Office



The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians upholds Tribal Government, protects and preserves Tribal sovereignty, history, culture and the general welfare of the Tribal membership, and serves to provide for the long-term economic needs of the Tribe and its members through the economic development of Tribal lands. The Tribe encourages and promotes a strong work ethic and personal independence for Tribal members, while strongly upholding the “government to government” relationship with local, State and Federal governments. The Tribe constantly strives to maintain and develop strong cooperative relationships that benefit the Tribe and local community.