The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) is seeking compassionate Licensed Practical Nurses! This is an excellent entry level nursing opportunity to further your career and broaden your nursing experience in a residential setting.


  • Provide exceptional nursing care and oversight including the evaluation of episodic health needs through assessment, continuous observation, evaluation of interventions and changes within the health care plan if desired outcomes are not achieved.
    Administer medications and treatments in accordance with medical provider orders and established policies and procedures.
    Monitor condition of equipment functionality and ensure availability of supplies and medications.
    Perform all clinical tasks in adherence to acceptable standards of nursing practice to ensure that all delivery of care provided is safe and effective.
    Assist in the planning, coordinating and implementation of care for acutely ill or injured individuals; function as a first responder in an emergency or crisis situations.
    Articulate health care needs to the residents as a member of the interdisciplinary team including participation in team meetings, attending the annual ISP meeting, developing risk management protocols and completing assigned documentation.
    Collect, communicate and record data regarding health and functional status of the resident by interview, examination and review of record; identify actual or potential health care needs.
    Communicate health care needs and concerns to staff, families, and guardians regarding changing health care needs.


  • Valid driver’s license.
    Current LPN.
    Capacity to assist/lift individuals with physical disabilities and/or limited mobility.
    Knowledge of standard nursing policies, procedures, methods, and techniques.
    Familiarity with safety practices and medical terminology/abbreviations and record keeping.
    Ability to communicate effectively.


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