Postdoctoral Research Fellow position in statistical genetics and genomics is available at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. This position involves developing and applying statistical and machine learning methods for analysis of high-throughput genetic and genomic data, including large scale Whole Genome Sequencing association studies, integrative analysis of genetic and genomic data, high-dimensional phenotype analysis, causal mediation analysis and Mendelian Randomization, Polygenic risk scores, and analysis of biobanks. We seek an individual with strong statistical, computing, and genetic backgrounds and who has expertise in statistical and computational methods for big data, statistical genetics and genomics. The work will involve both methodological research with department faculty and collaboration with subject matter researchers and investigators in large consortia.

Ph.D. in a quantitative field, e.g., statistics or biostatistics, computer sciences, strong quantitative research background, statistical and programming proficiency, strong genetic knowledge, as well as good written and oral communication skills.

Administrative questions regarding this position can be sent to Susan Luvisi at biostat_postdoc@hsph.harvard.edu.

Scientific questions regarding this position can be sent to Xihong Lin at xlin@hsph.harvard.edu.

To apply, see https://academicpositions.harvard.edu/postings/11238