Position Overview
The Illinois Department of Public Health is seeking a highly motivated individual to perform the duties of Public Health Program Specialist 1. Under general supervision, assists in the activities related to the Statewide Immunization Registry. Assists in the coordination of program support related to implementation of the I-CARE system including training of regional and contractual staff. Assists the Registry Coordinator in annual CDC reporting.
Job Responsibilities
1. Assists the Registry Coordinator in the training of local health department personnel, college, school and health personnel, private providers and qualified health related organizations in the use and applications of The Immunization Registry, including conducting live presentations.


2. Develops and updates web-based training videos that instruct providers how to navigate the Immunization Registry, which are available on the Immunization Registry website, by writing the scripts as well as using software to create the videos.

Develops and travels to present web-based trainings that will instruct providers how to use and navigate the Immunization Registry.
3. Assists Registry Coordinator in ensuring the VFC providers are fully compliant and accountable for their vaccine inventory and management system when electronically ordering vaccines for their practices using the Immunization Registry through conducting trainings, trouble-shooting provider questions and technical problems with immunization registry.


4. Assists with the immunization Registry Help Desk to help providers/users in enrolling in the registry, including, but not limited to Vaccine for Children (VFC) and non-VFC providers.

Assists providers in contract agreements, applying for a web portal account to access the registry, navigating the registry website, updating information in the registry, troubleshooting issues, and any other issues relating to the registry.
5. Receives request and performs patient record searches on anyone who has ever received vaccines and have been entered (manually or electronically) into the Registry in Illinois.

Generates the patient specific immunization report from the Immunization Registry and send to the requestor.

6. Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.


Minimum Qualifications
Requires knowledge, skill and mental development equivalent to completion of four years college with courses in health education, physical and biological sciences.
Requires one year of professional experience in a health education or investigation program in the public or private sector, or completion of an approved training program.
Preferred Qualifications
One year experience with an Immunization Registry and its functions
Bachelor’s degree in public health, biological sciences, communications, health informatics, or computer science.
One year experience maintaining data entry systems.
One year experience working with Microsoft suite and other data base applications.
Advanced skills in oral and written communication.
One year experience in training others to use healthcare data bases.
Conditions of Employment
Requires the ability to travel.
Requires a valid Drivers’ License.
Work Hours:  Monday – Friday 8:30 to 5:00
Work Location: 525 W Jefferson St Springfield, IL 62702-5056

Agency Contact Email: DPH.HRApplications@illinois.gov

Phone #: 217-785-2031

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