Position Overview
The Illinois Department of Public Health is seeking a highly motivated individual to perform complex technical and advisory functions to evaluate quality, completeness, and validity of cancer data, to identify program problems and prepare methods to alleviate the problems. Under general direction, carries out scientific and administrative responsibilities and ensures scientific quality of the Illinois State Cancer Registry research activities. Plans, develops, designs, supervises and conducts highly technical planning and analytical management studies of highly complex scientific research projects in the field of cancer epidemiology. Using scientific and epidemiologic approaches, performs and coordinates scientific investigations and specialized surveillance activities using data from the Illinois State Cancer Registry and other available databases from other institutions or agencies. Supervises, reviews, evaluates, and ensures quality of work of cancer research staff. Assists program staff in the use of epidemiologic data and research findings in planning and program development. Serves as Research Coordinator for the Research Section of the Illinois State Cancer Registry, Division of Epidemiologic Studies.
Job Responsibilities
Develops, plans, designs, implements, and conducts highly complex agency-wide scientific research plans and studies using the Illinois State Cancer Registry database and coordinates special studies of the possible causal relationships of hazardous toxic substances and human health effects.
Serves as working supervisor; assigns and reviews work.
Coordinates the surveillance activities of the registry programs pertaining to cancer research projects.
Confers with manager of the Illinois State Cancer Registry, in planning epidemiologic uses of the registry data.
Coordinates the planning and preparation for analyses of registry data for official reports and scientific publications.
Coordinates responses to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above

About Illinois Department of Public Health

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is tasked with the oversight of communities within Illinois to achieve and maintain optimal health and safety. With an annual budget of over $600 million in state and federal funds, 7 regional offices, 3 laboratories and over 1,100 employees, IDPH is equipped to fulfill its mission of protecting the health and wellness of the people of Illinois through the prevention, health promotion, regulation and control of disease and injury.