Department-Specific Responsibilities

  • Serves as the administrative and operational leader of the IU Center for Global Health (Center).
  • Directs the Center in its operations and performs project leadership, planning and analysis, including being the primary leader in conversations with university, local, state, national and international leaders.
  • Provides direction and leadership on short- and long-term strategic planning, and serves as the authority over the financial, legal, business and logistical operations for the Center, the AMPATH Consortium, and the three entities that make up the Indiana Institute of Global Health (IIGH).
  • Reports to the Director of the Center and will be crucial to providing the Director with the tools and information needed to direct the vision of the Center, the AMPATH Program and the entities of IIGH.
  • Serves as administrative leader of the AMPATH Consortium, thereby leading the involvement of all of the universities and health centers throughout North America and Europe that participate in the AMPATH Program.
  • Provides administrative mentorship to the new AMPATH partnerships (currently Ghana, Mexico and Nepal), and in incorporating the university’s current global health partnerships in many countries into the Center’s activities and vision.

About Indiana University Center for Global Health

The IU Center for Global Health develops mutually beneficial partnerships across disciplines, schools and countries for the primary purpose of creating and implementing sustainable programs that improve health and human flourishing in underserved areas worldwide, and preparing a critical mass of health education and health research experts in these communities to become the next generation of local, national and global health leaders.