Examples of Work:

  • Answers the telephone, greets patients, updates and files patient medical records, fills out insurance forms, handles correspondence, schedules appointments, arranges for hospital admission and laboratory services, and handles billing and bookkeeping.
  • Abstracts, reviews, and enters patient registration data into patient database.
  • Verifies patients third party coverage; may speak with third party.
  • May compile employee time records; reviews time sheets for completeness.
  • Prepares patients for routine examinations, which includes obtaining, assessing, and recording vital signs. May take medical histories.
  • Assists practitioners to deliver health care services, treatments, examinations, and procedures for patients.
  • Performs EKGs, collects samples of blood and urine, and performs vision and audio testing.
  • Ensures health care delivery areas are fully stocked, organized, clean, and disinfected. Orders supplies, as needed.
  • Assist with cleaning and sterilization of equipment.
  • Assists in management of patient behavior utilizing therapeutic intervention techniques; restrains hostile and physically violent patients when necessary.
  • Provides constant visual monitoring and intensive care for extremely suicidal, combative, or disturbed patients to assure safety and well-being of the patients; documents appropriately.
  • May involve shift work.
  • Instructs employees (regular or medical related personnel), in general and/or specialized training courses in resuscitation and life support techniques and procedures, i.e., Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (BCLS and ACLS).
  • May administer and grade tests.
  • Maintain records of employees’ participation on training program. Issues appropriate certifications.
  • Maintains equipment (interactive computer systems, monitors, manikins, etc.) through minor repairs and proper sanitation procedures.
  • Orders materials and supplies.
  • Attends continuing education programs and re-certifies credentials as required.
  • May monitor telemetry monitors and notify nurse for designated arrhymias. May place telemetry leads.
  • May maintain patient records as per policy.
  • May collect and deposit funds into appropriate accounts. May maintain records of funds received.
  • May compile complex monthly reports.

About Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority

Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority (JPHSA) envisions a Jefferson Parish in which individuals and families affected by Mental Illness, Addictive Disorders, and/or Developmental Disabilities shall live full, healthy, independent and productive lives to the greatest extent possible for available resources.