Why does the job exist?

The main purpose of the Quality Improvement Coordinator position is to assist and support the Strategic Planning and Performance Management Manager in their development of a data-driven system-based quality improvement and performance management system that reflects the Department of Health’s mission, which is “to ensure health equity, we work with our partners to promote health, well-being, and improve health outcomes for all people in New Mexico”. While this position is expected to assist the manager with quarterly and annual reporting of the metrics package to the legislative Finance Committee (LFC) and the Department of Finance & Administration (DFA), their work will focus mostly on addressing deficiencies in meeting performance metrics with carefully targeted quality improvement projects. They will work with division staff to develop and track that progress against future performance reporting. The department is currently planning a reassessment of the performance measures package to align closely with development of health equity in all areas of the department. Performance management naturally relates to quality improvement, so this position identifies technical assistance opportunities and drives a culture of quality throughout the Department.

How does it get done?

Identify and incorporate standards and measures reflecting overall organizational performance
Use information technology in assessing, collecting and disseminating data and information
Explain the fundamental concepts and principles of QI vs. QA processes
Provide support to programmatic and/or administrative teams to conduct and manage improvement
Facilitate meetings and communicate among multiple stakeholders
Examine feasibility and implications of policies, programs and services

Who are the customers?

The incumbent is responsible for working with programs and services within the Department of Health and the NMDOH Senior Leadership, as well as the legislative Finance Committee, the Department of Finance and Administration, and other State Agencies.

Ideal Candidate

Will have:
– Experience working on large data-driven systems and an ability to see the bigger picture while identifying the components necessary to accomplish a long-range plan.
– Experience with health/public health, strategic planning, accreditation, and quality improvement.
– Good facilitation, collaboration and communication skills (including written and verbal).
– Willingness to complete all required training, undergo professional development as appropriate, and carry out duties as assigned by the supervisor or as directed by leadership.