The Philadelphia Health Partnership is hiring a Program Officer who will play a key role in a small dynamic team as the Foundation implements its strategies for 2022 and beyond. The Program Officer will focus on the Foundation’s Equity in Health strategic initiative by overseeing an expanded portfolio focused on improving access to responsive and equitable care and services to address disparities in health and wellbeing and to build the capacity of the nonprofit and health and human services sectors for racial justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This person will lead the development of a portfolio of grants and community initiatives in Philadelphia County.


Collaborating with staff team members, local residents, and cross-sector stakeholders, the Program Officer will serve as a change agent, thought leader, champion, influencer, and trusted expert on health equity. The Program Officer will be responsible for building and maintaining productive relationships with partners and community leaders in Philadelphia County and across the state that contribute to an understanding of health disparities and help advance the Foundation’s role in addressing them.


This person should have a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with health equity and should be flexible and open to change; have familiarity with the health and social sectors of the Philadelphia region; be able to equitably identify promising approaches to emerging or entrenched challenges; and co-create with communities, grantees, partner organizations, and funding peers. The Program Officer will be a strong voice championing the importance of reducing health disparities to advance health equity, including for individuals and groups impacted by structural racism and historic injustice and colonialism.



  • Initiatives and Grants Management
    • Engagement in the design and implementation of the Foundation’s Equity in Health Connect and Lead focus areas including application of learning from research, practice, and community experience to identify and implement opportunities for Foundation impact.
    • Advance and align grantmaking goals and strategies that inform the Foundation’s overarching health equity goals and objectives including identification of funding opportunities and assessment of prospective grantees.
    • Ensure that all pre-grant and grant management requirements are met, including continual review of progress and expenditure reports, and assure timely and accurate preparation of all grant-related communications, including terms and conditions of awarded grants.
  • Community Building and Engagement
    • Build and manage relationships with partner organizations; earn trust and build relationships among grantees and community partners; serve as a resource and connector and be responsive to their needs; convene grantees for peer learning and sharing; manage consultants working on related projects.
    • Mobilize strategies that effectively engage historically marginalized communities through the sharing of power and decision making with people with lived experience toward shaping a just and equitable future.
    • Promote and implement practical strategies that give people in communities a meaningful voice in deciding how the Foundation’s resources would be best applied for their benefit.
    • Coordinate and convene meetings, coalitions, site visits, and community events. Provide and/or broker education/training/technical support to applicants and grantees, as needed.
    • Develop collaborative relationships with potential grant applicants and others to help build the capacity of nonprofits to achieve the goals and objectives of Foundation initiatives.
  •  Foundation Strategy and Learning
    • Contribute to the development of outcome measures for Foundation efforts.
    • Apply learning from research and evaluation to help build the capacity of nonprofit and health and human service sectors for racial justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    • Design and execute program evaluation and monitoring for grants to ensure consistency with the conditions of Foundation grants and to support the successful achievement of desired grant outcomes. Coordinate annual and final assessment of Foundation grants.
    • Assist with communication of information and learning obtained from Foundation strategic initiatives to inform policymakers, target communities, professional and lay providers of healthcare services, other funders, and the general community.
    • Provide leadership in the field and the community as needed to effectively achieve the Foundation’s goals.
    • Pursue opportunities to further the Foundation’s mission through non-grantmaking opportunities such as serving as a community resource, participating in issue-focused collaboratives, and serving on advisory committees and task forces.
    • Represent the Foundation locally, regionally, and nationally in the fields of health, health equity, and philanthropy.
    • Work as a catalyst and facilitator in the development and implementation of effective public policy to advance strategic initiatives and achieve the mission of the Foundation.
    • Prepare written summaries and analysis of grant applications and grantee reports to aid the Board of Directors in assessment of proposals and in the making of grants.
    • Prepare reports for the Board, management, and community on the purposes of and results of Foundation strategic initiatives.
  • Education and Organizational Support
    • Develop and maintain an appropriate level of expertise in grantmaking, issue content, and Foundation practices to support all parties involved in developing, implementing, and sustaining Foundation initiatives and grants.
    • Keep current on health equity and racial justice issues of importance to the Foundation by literature review, contact with social and professional communities, and participation in relevant conferences.
  • Organizational Team
    • Participate in regular staff meetings, retreats, and events.
    • Participate in conferences and site visits as necessary.
    • Collaborate with team to ensure consistent implementation of strategy and values.
    • Provide support, when necessary, of all Foundation activities.


We are open to a range of professional experiences that candidates provide. The successful candidate will be energetic, personable, self-motivated, confident, adaptive, and humble. The person enjoys working in a small, fast-paced environment that has a learning culture. The candidate can work both independently and as a team member in a collegial workplace where dialogue and discourse are expected and encouraged.

  • A Master’s level degree in relevant discipline (e.g., public health, law, public policy) or at least seven years of relevant professional experience in a social impact organization, the health industry, nonprofit management, public or health policy, government, philanthropic organization.
  • Strong and diverse experience of one or both areas: health, human services, and a solid understanding of nonprofit organizational operations.
  • Understands importance of equity in the health and social sectors and in philanthropy, both in strategy and in practice.
  • Demonstrated understanding of policy and systems change frameworks and knowledge of approaches to promotion of health, root cause analysis, and elimination of inequities in health outcomes.
  • Familiarity with the Greater Philadelphia region/social sector; have an existing diverse network in the region or a demonstrated ability to build one.
  • Thoughtful approach to collaboration and community and partner engagement. Competence in interaction with individuals from broad and diverse backgrounds on a range of complex issues.
  • Cultural competence, sensitivity, and awareness to be an effective representative of a small foundation.
  • Results-driven and strategic thinker. Ability to convert vision into action and measurable results.
  • Exceptional organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  • Impeccable verbal and written communication skills; ability to write clearly and succinctly and to make well- organized verbal presentations.
  • Solid interpersonal skills: ability to work independently and as a member of a high-performing team.
  • Excellent project management skills: ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and committed to delivery of work products on time.
  • Strong facilitation skills and track record of leading, inspiring, and developing high-performance teams.
  • Ability to make decisions, justify recommendations, and be responsible and clear with stakeholders.
  • Flexible to changing needs of the Foundation. Responsibilities for this position will change as the Foundation’s needs change. Comfortable with organizational development and adaptation to drive continuous improvement.
  • Demonstrated maturity and seasoned judgement. Ability to handle confidential information with maturity and discretion.
  • Interested in fostering a strong, positive culture within our Foundation.
  • Savvy about applying the use of technology to capture, manage and disseminate information; proficient computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 Suite.


Work Environment
Standard office setting with extended periods at desk and working on a computer and periodic use of office equipment.


Position Type and Work Schedule
Full time position, typical hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is an expectation that this position will be based in an office in Center City, Philadelphia with an ability to work remotely periodically.


Regular travel necessary. Local travel to multiple sites, community meetings, and travel to conferences and meetings outside of the region and in other states.


Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements
Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination must be produced upon hire.


Salary and Benefits
The Health Federation of Philadelphia provides human resource and employment administration services for the Foundation, including payroll and employee benefits management. Salary is commensurate with job requirements. Our employees are our most valuable resource, so we offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits package, which can include:

  • Medical with vision benefits
  • Dental insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Life, AD&D and long-term care insurance
  • Short- and long-term disability insurance
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan, with a company contribution
  • Paid time off including vacation, sick, personal and holiday
  • Employee Assistance Program

Eligibility and participation are handled consistent with the plan documents and Health Federation of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Health Partnership policies.


Physical Demands
Program Officer must have the ability to communicate via voice telephone, read and understand written communication, and generate written communication manually and using a computer. This person must also have the ability to sit at a desk and/or table for 2-3 hours at a time, lift and move documents and supplies up to 25 lbs., and bend and reach overhead.

About Philadelphia Health Partnership

Philadelphia Health Partnership is an independent, private foundation that advocates for and resources equitable, quality care and services that improve the health and well-being of people in Philadelphia. We advance our mission in collaboration with nonprofits, community partners, and cross-sector stakeholders working to Nurture, Connect, Advocate, and Lead. Our commitment to Equity in Health reflects our belief that attaining optimal physical, mental, and social well- being across the lifespan is a human right. We are committed to the elimination of health disparities based on socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, environment, and background.