Consultancy Scope of Work

Position: Entomology Technical Advisor

Location: TBD, travel to Angola

Expected travel: 2-3 times a year, 1-2 week travel, Luanda and provinces in Angola

Expected Duration: Not more than 180 days/1 year

The PSI Angola team is seeking a part-time Entomology Technical Advisor to be a point-of-contact for the technical team in country. The consultancy will consist in weekly remote technical support of the in-country teams via conference calls and emails and of 2-4 short-term technical assistance (STTA) visits a year to Angola during implementation of key field activities


The Entomology Technical Advisor will

  • Coordinate and lead local capacity building activities in field enomological activites and molecular laboratory.
  • Coordinate the implementation and monitoring of insecticide susceptibility testing of gambiae s.l., An. funestus s.l. and An. stephensi in selected provinces.
  • Strengthen a system for community-based entomological surveillance in selected provinces.
  • Work to strengthen in-country capacity to establish and maintain national insectaries for rearing a susceptible colony and field collected malaria vectors.
  • Work with in-country stakeholders to assist in establishing a sustainable procurement system for lab reagents and necessary ento equipment.
  • Ensure quality of data collected and provide quality assurance checks during data recording and entry.
  • As needed, assist NMCP and other MOH institutions in developing and revising ento and lab manuals, SOPs, workplans, and other necessary documents
  • Lead workplans and project reports development and strengthen PSI team capacity in workplans and reports writing.
  • Provide on the job and remote training to Angola based entomological and laboratory staff


Desired Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in entomology; PhD in entomology (preferred);
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in entomology;
  • Several years’ of experience conducting mosquito insecticide susceptibility testing;
  • Experience working in Angola on entomological monitoring activities, knowledge of processes/procedures and systems involved; experience collaborating/liaising with the NMCP and other key stakeholders to accomplish activity goals;
  • Demonstrated management skills and strong organization and communication skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to multitask and effectively manage multiple priorities that are subject to change in a dynamic, fast-paced environment;
  • Strong written and oral communications skills and enhanced interpersonal relationship skills;
  • Fluent in Portuguese or Spanish preferred, fluent in English.

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