The Chief Epidemiologist is responsible for leading and directing the Community Assessment Planning and Evaluation – CAPE unit. and is responsible for the overall management and supervision of the assigned programs and personnel within it. As the Senior Epidemiologist-Manager III this position will assume the primary role of defining, articulating and implementing epidemiological activities to ensure a data driven approach to program planning, implementation and evaluation.  Collaborating with staff and stakeholders this position helps set goals and targets, identify metrics and report progress.

This position requires a high level of professional epidemiological expertise, technical knowledge and interpersonal skills essential for promoting an environment of teamwork, innovation, and integrity. Serving as a resource to partners, stakeholders and staff. the Senior Epidemiologist will facilitate the availability and use of data to advance health and racial equity and the achievement of improved health outcomes for Stanislaus county.

About Stanislaus County Health Services Agency

The Health Services Agency (HSA) is comprised of two departments: 1) a network of outpatient clinics in six locations throughout Stanislaus County, with the partnership of Valley Consortium for Medical Education (VCME), to offer a medical residency program; 2) Public Health Services.

Public Health, a department of the Health Services Agency (HSA) operates the traditional programs of: Communicable Disease Control, clinical services for STD, HIV, TB, Immunizations, Public Health Laboratory, Public Health Nursing in the community (Nurse Family Partnership), Childhood Lead Prevention Program, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Education, Cal-Learn/AFLP, California Children's Services and Medical Therapy Programs, CHDP Administration, Emergency Preparedness, WIC Nutrition Services, Tobacco Education and Health Promotion.

The HSA holds strongly to its vision of "healthy people in a healthy Stanislaus" by developing its services with the community, in ways that support community need.

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