The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases National Institute of Diabetes and Diseases (NIDDK) is hiring an extramural Program Official to lead a research program focusing on basic research in liver physiology and pathophysiology. The position will primarily focus on management of a portfolio of basic research grants and cooperative agreements.

Examples of areas of interest for this position include the role of liver physiology and pathophysiology in:
• Cell injury and programmed cell death pathways that play a central role in many acute and
chronic liver conditions such as acute liver failure and cirrhosis.
• Environmental toxin and drug metabolic pathways that underlie drug and toxin-induced liver injury
• Developmental and regenerative pathways that are important in recovery from liver cell injury and
are disturbed in cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease.
• Cell growth and tumor suppressor pathways that are important in liver conditions that are linked
to liver cancer such as chronic viral hepatitis, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, and cirrhosis.
• Immune and inflammatory pathways that are important in disorders such as chronic viral hepatitis
and autoimmune liver diseases.
• Metabolic and nutritional intracellular pathways that are important in hepatic disorders such as
nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
• Genetic abnormalities in pathways of iron and copper metabolism in liver diseases such as
hemochromatosis and Wilson disease.
• Bile acid and bilirubin metabolic pathways that are disturbed in many childhood cholestatic liver
diseases such as biliary atresia, Alagille syndrome and cystic fibrosis related liver disease.

Applicants should have an Ph.D. or equivalent degree and training and research experience in liver disease research in one or more of the areas listed above. Familiarity with NIH extramural funding as an applicant, reviewer, or NIH scientific administrator is desirable, and outstanding written and oral communication skills are essential. See description for more information.

An advertisement is expected to be included on www.usajobs.gov on January 18, 2023.

For more information on the position, please send a one page letter of interest and CV to: Dr.
Stephen James: stephen.james@nih.gov OR Dr. David Saslowsky: David.Saslowsky@nih.gov

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